How to Recession Proof Your Business

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With the global economy beginning to show signs of another recession, business owners must take the necessary steps to prepare themselves. It is important to assess current activities and determine how they can be adjusted to remain resilient during a potential economic downturn. Business owners can become recession-proof and stay profitable, even during hard times,… Continue reading How to Recession Proof Your Business

May Newsletter 2019

“As we close out the month of May, a lot of business owners are trying to catch a quick breath before the summer begins. Anyone who owns a business knows that sometimes you must make personal sacrifices, especially during peak seasons or holidays. The summer is a busy time for many businesses, but it’s also… Continue reading May Newsletter 2019

April Newsletter 2019

“Have you ever thought about growing your business, but the idea just seemed too daunting? The other day one of my clients told me that he had been considering expanding his business for quite some time, but when push came to shove, he repeatedly gave up on the idea. When I asked why, my client… Continue reading April Newsletter 2019

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March Newsletter 2019

“Spring is in the air! One of the many benefits of this time of year is the renewed energy that comes along with the sunshine and pleasant temperatures of the spring. Make the most of that energy and motivation by checking things off your company’s to-do list and getting around to all those tasks that… Continue reading March Newsletter 2019

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February Newsletter 2019

“Today is the last day of the shortest month of the year. Each year, when March rolls around, I encourage my clients to take a step back and evaluate if they are on track to meet the goals that they’ve set for their businesses at the beginning of the year. If not, don’t get discouraged… Continue reading February Newsletter 2019

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January Newsletter 2019

“January has been a very exciting month for Fordham Capital. I am pleased to announce that we have crossed the $35 Million mark in funding to over 1,200 merchants throughout the United States. In December and January, we had record-breaking submissions, funding, and renewals. This is a huge achievement for Fordham Capital, and I am… Continue reading January Newsletter 2019

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December Newsletter 2018

A Message from Our CEO ROB WINSTON “For many business owners, the start of the new year is the perfect time for reflection, setting goals and planning. As the beginning of January can be a slow time for some businesses, I encourage you to take a minute to catch your breath after the busy holiday… Continue reading December Newsletter 2018

November Newsletter 2018

A Message from Our CEO ROB WINSTON “Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone and it’s almost December, the fast-paced holiday season is in full force. For many companies, this is the time when sales are booming. The extra revenue can help prepare small to medium-sized businesses for a lull in January when sales often slows… Continue reading November Newsletter 2018

October Newsletter 2018

A Message from Our CEO ROB WINSTON “It’s hard to believe that it’s almost November already! With the end of October only days away, the holiday season will officially be upon us. One of the most important holidays for small businesses across America is Small Business Saturday. Each year, the holiday falls on the Saturday… Continue reading October Newsletter 2018

September Newsletter 2018

  A Message from Our CEO ROB WINSTON   “With October approaching, the temperature dropping, and the lazy days of summer behind us, now is the ideal time to get ready for the 4th quarter. By this time of year you should have a pretty clear picture of your business goals for the remainder of… Continue reading September Newsletter 2018