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Many business owners that have worked with Fordham Capital can tell you that our business grant procedure works when you need it to. You will never have to wait to access your funds, you will have instant access to them on a daily or weekly basis. Our team gets you the funds you need as soon as possible and can provide you with instant approval of your term loans. We simply analyze the cash flow of your business to determine what level of business lines of credit will work best for you, at the lowest possible interest rates. At Fordham Capital, we do more than just supply your business with a merchant cash advance. We help you further by helping you improve your business’ credit, and providing you with factor rates that will work for you. Fordham Capital looks at your success rate and potential, not just your credit scores. If you want instant approval for your small business, contact the team at Fordham Capital for instant approval today!

Your business may qualify for $25,000 to $500,000+ depending on your monthly sales volume. Fordham Capital assesses the health of your business based on your business cash flow, not just your credit scores, helping to finance the growth of small businesses just like yours.

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Client Testimonials

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Welcome to Fordham Capital, the business that gets your business financed! For nearly a decade our team has been helping new and existing businesses obtain the capital they need, when they need it. From smaller funding options to larger business loans, we have been working with companies on financing options and term loans that allow their businesses to grow beyond their expectations. In our experience we have learned that business cash advances work to help small businesses succeed in practically any business plan that they have in mind. Every small business owner that has worked with us has guaranteed that our method works in order to increase their cash flow, and greatly improve their bad credit. If you are looking to fund your new business today, you have come to the right place.

Term Loan Program


3-5 year term loan. Monthly payments. 9.99% Starting Rate.  No pre-payment penalties.

Business Cash Advance Program

3 Month to 24 Month options. Challenged Credit accepted. 72 Hour Funding with no personal guarantees or Collateral.

Asset Based Lending Program
($250,000-$10 million)

Leverage A/R and inventory to grow and expand. Lower rates than Factoring.

Capital for Inventory Program
($250,000-$5 million)

Capital for equipment leasing and financing.

Is Business Financing Right for You?

Obtaining a small business loan is a smart move for your company. Many opportunities exist for the success of your small business if you work with Fordham Capital. When the terms meet your needs, a business grant or loan can be exactly what your business needs in order to succeed. By procuring a loan with Fordham Capital, you will not only empower your business, but you will be able to weather rough financial waters and come out on top. If you are considering getting one or more SBA loans, read on for some reasons that working with Fordham Capital may be the best move for you.

Promote Your Small Business: When your small business gets up and running, people will need to know about it. It can often be a struggle to establish a new business. It may take time to find new clients or customers. With angel investors by your side, your business can get off the ground sooner rather than later. By utilizing a small business loan, you can get the word out by using the most modern advertising techniques available. This will also increase your cash flow right out of the gate. Word of mouth is incredibly important for any new business, and with business lines of credit, you can build it instantly.

Take Expenses Into Your Own Hands: It is very true that you will need to “spend money to make money”. Costs will have to be managed carefully, of course, but with term loans from Fordham Capital, you can manage all of your expenses right away. With a well-structured small business loan, you will receive major flexibility with startup costs. Hit the ground running by having the capital you need when you need it.

Manage the Cash Flow of Your Business: Cash is certainly king in any business. The management of inflow and outflow of funds can be very tricky, especially for a new business. There are bound to be dry spells in your new venture. A business funding loan may make your new business some breathing room. Without worrying about keeping the lights on, a small business loan may just be what your fledgling endeavor needs in order to properly grow.

Obtain the Equipment Your Business Needs: No matter what type of business you are planning to start, the right equipment that it takes to get the work done will need to be purchased. If you are looking to begin a restaurant or an administrative endeavor, you will need a vast amount of equipment. These purchases can be costly, and affect your bottom line right from opening day. By going with a business lender, you may be able to take some of the financial pressure off of yourself. A small business loan may be just what you need to get the correct equipment for your new business.

Choose the Right Team: Every business is a people business. Regardless of whether you are opening a new office or a coffee shop, you will need a team to stand behind you. If you are concerned about hiring the right staff, some financial help may be in order. By working with Fordham Capital, you can acquire the funds it takes to hire the right employees who will work with you to get your business off the ground.

Renovating Your New Space: You have heard the expression “location is everything”. This is absolutely true when it comes to starting up a new business. If you are starting a cafe, for example, you will need to rent a space and then renovate it to your specifications. The costs for renovations can be very high these days. A business funding plan with Fordham Capital can be the key to the proper renovations of your new space. A small business loan may take some pressure off of the other startup costs that it takes in order to open a new company.

There are many other reasons that your new business may need to seek capital from an outside source. In addition to the reasons listed above, there could also be challenges involving low cash flow, rent increases, debt consolidation, or a multitude of hurdles for you to jump. Starting a new business should be an exciting endeavor, and the team at Fordham Capital is here to help. By working with us, you are working in a team who will believe in the success of your small business from the very start. Call us today to discuss our loans and terms, so we can get your business to the level of success that it deserves.

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