November Newsletter 2018

A Message from Our CEO


“Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone and it’s almost December, the fast-paced holiday season is in full force. For many companies, this is the time when sales are booming. The extra revenue can help prepare small to medium-sized businesses for a lull in January when sales often slows down. While December is great for revenue, it can also be a stressful time for business owners. Here are my top 3 tips for surviving the holiday season:

Stay organized and manage your time wisely

The more you can stay organized and manage your time, the less stress you will be under. Keep a well laid out plan of holiday promotions, employee work schedules, and marketing schedules. 

Stick to your budget

It is vital to stay on top of your cash flow and not to overspend. Track your income and expenditure and adhere to your budget. Spending too freely and not staying on target with your budget will cost your business in the long run.

Take a break

Burnout is common in business owners and their employees during the holidays. Ensure that both you and your employees take their scheduled breaks. Even a few minutes away from the sales floor can help everyone recharge their batteries. “

-Rob Winston



Fordham Capital’s Plentiful Ways to Use


Here are our top “plentiful” ways to use additional business capital during the post-Thanksgiving rush:

Hire more holiday staff

One of the key factors to a successful buying season is to make sure that you have adequate staff. You want to make sure that your company can keep up with the increased demands and influx of customers ready to spend money. Don’t let being understaffed cost you sales.

Replenish inventory

Sales are always booming during the holiday season. Stock up now so you don’t run out of products, supplies or equipment at the height of the rush. Being ahead of the game now will ensure that you don’t fall behind on your inventory. 

Promote your products

Now is the perfect time to advertise special sales and holiday promotions. Whether it’s print ads, online ads, or radio and TV ads, don’t miss the chance to get your customers’ attention this holiday season. Increasing your visibility will maximize your sales. 

Pay seasonal expenses 

Along with the holidays comes additional expenses for small businesses such as employee bonuses, holiday parties and gifts for staff members. 

Don’t let a lack of capital hinder your holiday sales! We can help you secure funding to get through the holiday rush. Over the past ten years, Fordham Capital has provided over 3,000 small-to mid-sized businesses the short-term capital they need to be successful.

If you have any questions about how we can help your company stay on track during the holidays, give us a call at 1-800-755-9284 or fill out a request here. 


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