May Newsletter 2019

“As we close out the month of May, a lot of business owners are trying to catch a quick breath before the summer begins. Anyone who owns a business knows that sometimes you must make personal sacrifices, especially during peak seasons or holidays. The summer is a busy time for many businesses, but it’s also a great time of year to recharge your batteries and to take some time for yourself and your family. While owning and growing a business demands your time and dedication, you should never sacrifice your well-being or that of your family.

You can read more about my top “5 Tips for Striking a Healthy Work-Life Balance This Summer” below. If you can learn how to discipline yourself and successfully manage the demands of work, life, and family, then you will be much happier and more fulfilled in all aspects of your life.”

-Rob Winston



5 Tips for Striking a Healthy


Ahhh the lazy, hazy days of summer will soon be upon us. The kids will be off from school, the sun will be shining, and the beach will be calling your name. If you are like most small business owners, then chances are you are also struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance. So, how can you enjoy the summer and spend time with your friends and family without neglecting your business responsibilities? The process of finding the perfect work-life balance is not something that happens overnight, but these 5 tips will give you a good start:

  1. Be present at homeIt sounds easy enough, but this is a huge challenge for many people. Leave work at work and make a conscious effort to be present with your family. Make a promise to not check email during dinner with your spouse or answer work calls during your child’s soccer game. Practice focusing your undivided attention on one activity (or one person) at a time instead of doing several things at once. When you get home, unplug from work and step away from all electronics.
  2. Disconnect from technologyKnow when it’s time to unplug and unwind. Spending some time away from your electronic devices everyday can reap huge benefits. Leave your phone or tablet in another room or shut it off entirely. If you’re struggling to break free from the distractions of scrolling through social media or checking emails, it may be time to delete those apps from your devices, so you aren’t tempted to check them.
  3. Make family time a priorityTake a long weekend with your family or schedule a family night. Schedule activities in advance so you all have something to look forward to. You’ll make memories and feel re-energized after spending quality time with your family.
  4. Take some time for yourselfYour body needs to recover from the stress of work. Go for a walk, hit the gym, meditate, go get a massage, or listen to music. Do whatever helps you to relax and make it a routine. Don’t feel guilty about taking some “me time”. Doing so helps you recharge and ease tension so that you can tackle workplace stress as well as your daily obligations with renewed energy.
  5. Set clear boundaries for your availability
    Before leaving the office, make sure to inform your employees or colleagues what your availability will be and stick to it. Don’t answer texts, calls or emails when you say you aren’t available. Let people know when you will be reachable and map out a plan for when and how your team should contact you if a situation arises that needs your immediate attention.

It’s important to leave work where it belongs and to create a healthy work-life balance. Every aspect of your life will improve when you implement clear boundaries with your work and devote time to yourself and your family. With only a few weeks until the official start of summer, now is the perfect time to implement these tips to ensure you have an enjoyable and productive summer!

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