Should You Use a Merchant Cash Advance for Small Business Funding?

Merchant cash advances are a preferred funding source for small businesses that have bad credit. Getting merchant cash advances for your small business has now become easier with the varied loan acceptance and funding options available. There are alternative funding programs for small businessmen to obtain a small loans or credit.

A business cash advance program is not a typical loan, you pay it back with future credit card transactions. Business owners generally prefer business cash advance programs because they are unsecured credit lines with no set payments.

If you are a small business, you can get a merchant cash advance even if you have bad credit. The Small Business Administration (SBA) directly addresses the problem of bad credit on their own website due to the severity of the problem. Bad credit is a plaguing factor for many small businessmen who find it difficult to get traditional bank loans. You should have adequate knowledge on the know-how of getting small business loans.

Examples of unsecured loans include business credit cards, accounts receivable financing and seasonal business credit lines.

Same day merchant cash advance programs approve your loan on the same day and your account will be funded within 24 hours. However, for this, the process needs to be initiated early in the morning. Many same day approval merchant loans are located on the East Coast. If you need a same day approval merchant loan on the West Coast, you need to get the paperwork filed by 9 AM PST. Same day merchant loans are provided by considering other factors than a credit score like the amount of time your business has been in operation and the amount of revenue generated by you.

There is also the option of next day funding merchant loans. You can get these loans the very next day after your request them. Next day funding merchant loans are making it easier for businessmen to get the required materials to carry out their business.

These alternative funding companies are 100% trustworthy. They guarantee you the amount of loan required to be available within 24 hours for same day approval merchant loans and 35-40 hours for next day funding merchant loans.

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