August Newsletter 2018


A Message from Our CEO



“As August is winding down, many small businesses are finally catching their breath after a busy summer season. Whether your business has it’s peak time during the summer, the winter, or even the holiday season, it’s often challenging to manage the cash flow of a seasonal business. Regardless of your type of business, the off-peak period where sales are low can often be tough if you’re not prepared. Some ways to help manage seasonality are:

  • to lower prices in the off-season when demand is low
  • to diversify your services (A landscaping business could also do snow removal in the winter.)
  • to consider selling excess inventory or renting out equipment that is sitting idle.

If your business needs some extra help rebounding once the busy season is over, a Merchant Cash Advance may be the answer. Businesses repay according to their sales, so even when the low season comes, you’ll only be paying a percentage of your sales for that month.”

-Rob Winston






Welcome to the Team

Denny Ceizyk

Fordham Capital LLC is pleased to welcome Denny Ceizyk to the Fordham Capital team as our new Senior Manager. Denny has been in mortgage banking and lending for nearly 26 years. He says, ” One of the things I’ve always loved is working directly with customers to help them with their financial goals. As most of the lending industry moves toward automation, I’m finding that many people are getting turned down for funding. The simple reason: they didn’t have a human being to discuss a strategy with to get past income, credit or asset challenges, and the computer algorithm couldn’t ask the questions needed to get an approval. I have helped thousands of people get funded to buy homes with a simple conversation, and I believe that consultative spirit, combined with over two decades of lending experience will be valuable to business owners seeking capital.” 

Denny is looking forward to working at Fordham Capital because as he says, “Integrity and reputation are very important in the lending industry. I love being able to discuss our online reviews. The Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot ratings impressed me the most when I met the owners. As the American work model shifts from the corporate 9am to 5pm job to serial entrepreneurship, Fordham Capital will be able to play a key role in helping business grow and compete. I am excited to be able to work directly with these business owners as they pursue their self-employment dreams.”

Rob Winston echoes Denny’s enthusiasm. “We are very excited to welcome Denny to our growing team. The fact that Denny is well-liked and highly respected in the lending industry, coupled with his experience and work ethic, makes him a great fit for the team. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Denny here at Fordham Capital.” 


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