Using Merchant Cash Advance To Attract Customers To Your Restaurants

To survive in the industry, a restaurant needs to develop their number of customers.  To build your restaurant’s reputation, you need to have a strong marketing effort to raise prospective customers’ awareness of your brand and attract them to try it.

Yet, a good marketing strategy usually costs a fortune. To help your restaurant survive in the competition without having to spend all your capital, you can get financing from a merchant cash advance, to support you in your marketing activities.

Here are several strategies where you can use a merchant cash advance loan to attract more customers to visit your restaurant:

A good branding plan will help your restaurant gets notified by prospective customers. Create an attractive logo for your restaurant, followed by producing merchandise such as T-shirts, mugs, calendars or pens with your restaurant’s logo, location, and phone numbers.  Give out those T-shirts or mugs to your loyal customers. Develop a logo for your restaurant and start giving out T-shirts to customers. With the right amount of exposure in public, prospective customers will start recognizing your brand and try to find out more about your restaurant.

Give out E-Gifts
In this digital era, your marketing strategy must include giving out e-gifts as part of your marketing activities. Develop a page on your website where you can offer the option to buy restaurant’s e-gifts. Or you can also invest in services such as Groupon, where people can buy e-gift coupons for themselves or send it to others as a treat or gifts. Using this marketing tactic, you will be able to reach out to the market beyond your local area.

Birthday emails
Invest your merchant cash advance money in setting up a solid email marketing strategy. Aside from the newsletter, you send to your loyal customers, you also send them yearly birthday emails with different complimentary item every year. Emails are personal, hence by sending them an email and deliver their birthday gift straight to their inbox, customers will feel more appreciated on a more personal level. Give out complimentary items that can be enjoyed by the birthday customer in the group form, such as complimentary family size finger food, or 2 pitchers of beer. This way, your customers can invite his friends and relatives to your restaurant to use the complimentary gift, while at the same time you get new customers walk into your establishment.

Partnerships with other business in your local area
Sometimes you have to invest your money in another business to bring new business to your restaurant. Create a partnership with several popular local businesses in your area, such as the gym next to your door, wine bar across the street, or the raved beauty spa in your town. Collaborate with them by offering discounts to any members of those establishments when they visit your restaurant. Give out discount vouchers to your partners, so they can use it as gifts or compliments to their customers. You spent your cash advance money in giving out discounts, but in returns you attract new customers coming to your restaurant, and will help to increase your sales performance.

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