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Protect your business with a Nevada LLC

A Nevada LLC creates a corporate veil, helping protect your personal assets from business liability. Nevada also has the lowest taxes in the country when it comes to your business!

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Build your business credit

With business credit, you’ll be able to secure business loans without having to use your personal assets as guarantee or collateral. If you have bad personal credit, but proper business credit, you’ll still get approved!

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Save money with innovative tax strategies

When a professional CPA prepares your taxes, they can look for commonly missed tax breaks, as well as red flags that may trigger an audit. 90% of businesses will overpay their taxes by over $1 billion dollars, so don’t lose out on a chance to save money.

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Small Business Loans In Eagle Ford

5 Common Reasons Dallas County Entrepreneurs Secure Business Loans

Perhaps you have a great idea for a new business venture that you know would be a success, but you need the capital to make that idea a reality. Maybe you’re an existing business owner who is looking to expand your operations, but you need the funds to make that expansion happen. Whatever the case may be, a business loan could be the solution you’re looking for, and Fordham Capital, LLC can help. Since 2015, we’ve been supporting entrepreneurs and helping to boost the local economy. We provide businesses with fair, flexible, and fast Eagle Ford, TX small business loans. We have funded dozens of organizations, providing them with the financial resources they need to get started, to grow their operations, or to get them through rough patches. 

Whether you need a few thousand or a few hundred thousand dollars, we can help you secure the working capital you need at a low interest rate, with an affordable payment plan, and with no pre-payment penalties. With the team at Fordham Capital, LLC, you can achieve your business goals and experience the success that you desire and deserve.

5 Reasons to Take Out a Eagle Ford, TX Small Business Loan

As the saying goes, in the world of business, you need to spend money to make money, and it’s absolutely true. You can have a really innovative idea that would totally appeal to and benefit the public, but if you don’t have the funds to back it, your idea will be dead in the water. You could end up having to give up on the dream of owning a successful business, and the public could end up missing out on something amazing. 

How do you go about getting the capital you need? Well, you can save your pennies or you could borrow from an affluent family member or friend, but it can take years to save up the amount you need, and you might not know anyone who is well-off or who would be willing to lend you the funds. Don’t give up hope! There is a better way that you can get the cash flow you need. How? By taking out a Eagle Ford, TX small business loan.

Taking out a business loan can sound scary and negative connotations are often associated with the word “debt”, but it doesn’t have to be scary and debt doesn’t have to be negative. As long as you spend the funds wisely and manage repayment properly, a Eagle Ford, TX small business loan can actually be a very good thing. It can help you realize your dreams, achieve the success that you deserve, and even benefit your community by supporting the Dallas County economy. With that said, if you’re an entrepreneur, here’s a look at five reasons why you might want to take out a business loan.

To Start a Business

It takes a lot of money to start a business. You need capital to rent or buy a commercial space, secure a license and insurance, purchase equipment and stock, hire staff, and market to the audience you’re targeting (just to name a few things). In fact, the money that’s needed to start and get a business off the ground is one of the top reasons why many entrepreneurs shelve their ideas, as they don’t have access to the capital they need.

Just because you don’t have the funds readily available, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams. With a Eagle Ford, TX small business loan, you can secure the money you need to establish your venture and get it up and running. From buying or renting a Dallas County space for your operations to stocking up on inventory and supplies, with a business loan, you’ll have the money you need to make your dream of starting a business a reality.

To Make Improvements to a Commercial Space

Perhaps you found the perfect location for your Dallas County business, but it could use some sprucing up or it needs to be completely restructured. Renovations – even seemingly small improvements that you can DIY – can cost an exorbitant amount of money. You can use the funds from a Eagle Ford, TX small business loan to finance the renovations or repairs you want to make.

From cosmetic changes, such as new flooring, paint, and decorative accents, to major renovations that involve changing the structural layout and adding plumbing and electricity, no matter what type of improvements you want to make to your Dallas County space, with a business loan, you can improve the aesthetic appeal and function of your commercial space.

To Finance New Equipment

Another reason why taking out a Eagle Ford, TX small business loan would be beneficial is to finance new equipment. Maybe you’re a restaurant owner and one of your fryers or ovens bit the bullet and needs to be replaced, or perhaps you operate a landscaping company and you want to buy more mowers, blowers, and weed whackers so you can expand your operation. Whatever type of business you run, you need equipment to generate money, and you need money to purchase equipment. No matter what type or the reason, with a business loan, you’ll have the funds that are necessary to purchase the new equipment your Dallas County business needs.

To Invest in New Inventory

Inventory can refer to the pre-made products that you purchase and sell to your clients, as well as the raw materials that your business needs to manufacture custom products. For example, if you run a retail store that resells home furnishings, the items you purchase from another manufacturer would be your inventory, and if you make custom clothing for your clients, the fabric and thread you use to make the garments would be classified as inventory.

Regardless of the type of Dallas County business you run and the products you offer, new inventory can be pricy. A Eagle Ford, TX small business loan can give you the funds that you need to purchase the inventory your company sells to your clients.

To Restructure Existing Debt

If you took out high-interest loans to finance business-related expenses, keeping up with the payments can be overwhelming. Plus, carrying a large amount of debt – especially if you’ve been late with or have missed any payments – can do serious damage to your credit. With a new Eagle Ford, TX small business loan, you can restructure your existing debts. 

The funds from a low-interest business loan can be used to pay off high-interest debts and get rid of those expensive monthly payments. While you will have to repay a new loan, with a lower interest rate, your payments will be a lot more affordable. Plus, restructuring your existing debt with a low-interest business loan will help to improve your credit, which will certainly be beneficial for your company.

Contact Fordham Capital, LLC for Your Eagle Ford, TX Small Business Loan Needs

No matter what your specific situation may be, if you’re an entrepreneur who is interested in taking out a business loan, get in touch with the firm that Dallas County business owners have been relying on for their Dallas County financing needs since 2015. For more information or to speak with one of our funding specialists, call 1-800-755-9284 or visit At Fordham Capital, LLC, we’re looking forward to helping you grow your Dallas County business.

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