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Welcome to Fordham Capital, the business that gets your business financed! For nearly a decade our team has been helping new and existing businesses obtain the capital they need, when they need it. From smaller funding options to larger business loans, we have been working with companies on financing options and term loans that allow their businesses to grow beyond their expectations. In our experience we have learned that business cash advances work to help small businesses succeed in practically any business plan that they have in mind. Every small business owner that has worked with us has guaranteed that our method works in order to increase their cash flow, and  greatly improve their bad credit. If you are looking to fund your new business in Dallas County, Texas today, you have come to the right place.

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Term Loan Program


3-5 year term loan. Monthly payments. 9.99% Starting Rate.  No pre-payment penalties.

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Business Cash Advance Program


3 Month to 24 Month options. Challenged Credit accepted. 72 Hour Funding with no personal guarantees or Collateral.

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Asset Based Lending Program

($250,000-$10 million)

Leverage A/R and inventory to grow and expand. Lower rates than Factoring.

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Capital for Inventory Program

($250,000-$5 million)

Capital for equipment leasing and financing.

Looking for Loans in All the Wrong Places? Start by Getting Prepared the Right Way

The application process for your small business in Tarrant County, TX / Fort Worth, Texas can often be a lengthy endeavor. There are certain things that you should have in order before you even begin the loan applications process. In order to get the right financing options for short or long term loans, you will want to be as prepared as possible. In this article, the team at Fordham Capital has comprised a checklist for you to keep handy before you seek out a cash advance or small business loan.


  • Beginning with a Business Plan

    First thing is always first. If you are aiming to get a lender to advance you some capital or payday loans for your new business, you should write up a detailed business plan. A lender will want to know that the idea for your new business is a credible one, and that you are skilled enough to make it successful and repay any term loans. In this new business plan you should outline everything that your new business will need including purchasing equipment or real estate. This means writing out your goals, possible competition, and your revenue from the past and the present. You will also want to include potential expenses, and exactly how much capital you will need in order to grow your business.Once you have put that all on paper, it is smart to write an executive summary that will enlighten a lender to your vision. This is the first step for a lender to believe in your dream, so be sure to make it thorough and encouraging.


  • Present All Financial Documents

    A potential lender will want to see all of your financial statements from the past. This will give them a good idea about what you will be making moving forward. Projected numbers are always a great way to convince a lender that your business goals are viable. In these financial documents, be sure to present your cash flow statements, bank account statements, balances on debit cards, all income, and any balances from the past several years. After you have done that, it is important to present financial estimates for the next several years. This will also show the lender that your new business in Tarrant County, TX / Fort Worth, Texas will accrue the right amount of income that will cover all interest rates.


  • What is the Purpose of Your SBA Loans?

    When you meet with a lender, they will want to know exactly what the cash advance or business loans will be for. Knowing what your goals are will assure the lender that you have a good head on your shoulders, and that your mission is clear. Once you have done this, explaining what costs you need the capital be for will be easy for them to envision. With an explanation of your loan, the potential lender should know what equipment you might need, if you need to invest in a new office space, or need to increase staff. All of these things, when presented clearly, will give your cash advance lender confidence in investing in you and your Tarrant County, TX / Fort Worth, Texas business.


  • Know Your Credit Report

    Having your personal credit line history on hand will be a comfort to your potential lender. This is especially true if your small business has not had the opportunity to build business lines of credit

    of its own. When a lender sees your personal credit card report, they will have confidence in you if it is a strong report. Financially responsible people provide a peace of mind to a potential lender. It is also a good idea to bring your personal bank statements to your potential lender. Any paperwork that proves that you are in good financial standing will only help your case.


  • Be Aware of Your Collateral

    If you are applying for a cash advance through loan programs, short term loans, or a small business loan in Tarrant County, TX / Fort Worth, Texas, you may need to put down some form of collateral. You will need to know how much it is worth if this is one of the stipulations of your potential loan. A lender will want to know the value because it offers them something tangible to secure your loan. Be mindful that you stay on top of your loan so that you do not lose whatever you are putting up as collateral.


  • Know the Costs

    As you meet with potential lenders, you should be prepared to think ahead. You will need to know how long it will take you to pay off this loan and exactly what your financing options are. Examine all offers, and compare the interest rates and fees so you can calculate your future monthly payments and potential grace periods. The costs of loans will vary, so it is smart to know exactly what each term and condition will cost you as you proceed. Once you decide which lender is best, you can continue to prove to them that you are a good investment.

  • Do Your Research

    When looking for the right bank or lender, you will be doing a vast amount of research. Look around at different institutions and their terms and conditions. It is not always the biggest corporate bank that will help you the most. In fact, smaller banks and lenders may be the best fit for you. They may also give you the best shot at getting approved. By researching a variety of companies, you are bound to find someone who will give you a cash advance for your small business in Tarrant County, TX / Fort Worth, Texas.

    At the end of the day, we hope that you ultimately choose to work with the team at Fordham Capital. We believe in the value of your business and want to help your dreams become a reality. For any more information on how to prepare to receive a cash advance or small business loan, do not hesitate to contact one of our professional representatives right away!

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