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Welcome to Fordham Capital, the business that gets your business financed! For nearly a decade our team has been helping new and existing businesses obtain the capital they need, when they need it. From smaller funding options to larger business loans, we have been working with companies on financing options and term loans that allow their businesses to grow beyond their expectations. In our experience we have learned that business cash advances work to help small businesses succeed in practically any business plan that they have in mind. Every small business owner that has worked with us has guaranteed that our method works in order to increase their cash flow, and  greatly improve their bad credit. If you are looking to fund your new business in Dallas County, Texas today, you have come to the right place.

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Term Loan Program


3-5 year term loan. Monthly payments. 9.99% Starting Rate.  No pre-payment penalties.

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Business Cash Advance Program


3 Month to 24 Month options. Challenged Credit accepted. 72 Hour Funding with no personal guarantees or Collateral.

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Asset Based Lending Program

($250,000-$10 million)

Leverage A/R and inventory to grow and expand. Lower rates than Factoring.

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Capital for Inventory Program

($250,000-$5 million)

Capital for equipment leasing and financing.

4 Reasons That Seeking Funding Will be Helpful to Your Small Business

In this day and age it is quite common for small businesses to seek outside funding through SBA loans. As our country rebuilds its economy, many business owners are seeking outside help to get back on their feet. After so many businesses have shuttered, many owners are facing critical setbacks. In order to properly rebuild, and remain successful, small business financing has proved to be a wise decision for many small business owners. But is it right for your business? The team at Fordham Capital has been helping small business owners get back on their feet even before the COVID19 pandemic. We are eager to see the businesses of Dallas TX succeed. There are many financing options for the small business owner. Here are the most common reasons that we think seeking small business loans through Fordham Capital will be right for you.


  • Increase Company Capital

    It is essential for any business to have sufficient working capital but maintain low interest rates. This is a major aspect of the financial wellbeing of your company. If your business does not have enough capital, the future of the company may not be so bright. In order to meet funding obligations, a small business loan can ensure that you can cover funding requirements for customers, or ensure that all of your suppliers get paid appropriately. A small business loan is also an excellent way for your company to take part in new opportunities that may come about. There are always new products and services becoming available that will be helpful to the growth of your business as well as your bank account. During slower periods, such as the COVID19 pandemic, your business will continue to flourish with some outside financial help. Maintaining company capital is considered the most common reason for a company to seek outside funding. If this sounds like something that interests you, apply for a small business loan through Fordham Capital in Dallas County, TX.


  • Purchasing New Assets

    Every business needs working capital to buy assets in order to be a success. In order to grow and succeed, a business owner needs to invest in a variety of equipment, merchandise, or other goods. Whether it is a new vehicle, office equipment, or staff, it is very true that one needs to spend money to make money. In the case of a brand new business that is just starting up, a small business loan is a wise move to accrue such assets. This is helpful to the small business owner because they can spread their repayments over time as the business succeeds and brings in its own capital as well as increase its credit score. Rather than paying large amounts for business expenses up front, a payment plan with Fordham Capital in Dallas County, TX will give your business the opportunity to grow and make money.


  • New Business Startup Costs

    Whenever someone starts a new business, there will be many startup costs involved. With the help of installment loans from Fordham Capital, it can be a streamlined process free of stress and chaos. Although many new business owners will max out their debit card and credit card  to get their idea up and running, it is not always wise to go broke to get started. External startup funding with a fixed loan amount through short term loans is a smart move. Many options exist such as bank funding, payday loans, bank loans, funding grants, and most of all, working with Fordham Capital. We believe in the entrepreneur and aim to help them in building a successful and profitable endeavor

  •  Funding for the Future

    It is always good to look ahead to see where your business has the potential to go. Throughout your new business journey, you will be regularly taking things to the next level. Whether your goals are to increase sales, expand your inventory, hire more staff, or acquire real estate for a new office space, funding can be extremely helpful to the future of your company. Every business has daily running costs that will cut into your bottom line. External funding could be the solution for you to keep funds steady. By paying a fixed monthly payment by working with Fordham Capital, you keep your financial foundation strong all while continuing working towards the future success of your company. 

    The reasons for seeking small business loans or cash advances in Dallas County, TX are vast. No matter the reason, the team at Fordham Capital is on hand to help you achieve your business goals. We understand the need for more capital to help your business thrive. If you are interested in learning more about our cash advance procedure, loan applications process, or small business loans, or business lines of credit, please call us today! We guarantee to quickly get all of our applications processed to get you on the path to success quickly!

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